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Imagine you could turn back time and experience your children’s first precious moments. Now, imagine you could do it over and over again. It would be pretty special, right?

Wouldn’t you just love to be in that room where you met them for the first time, heard that beautiful newborn sound, felt the weight of their body on yours and smelt their delicious smell? In that room where you instantly fell in love and your life was transformed forevermore?

For me these moments are something I never ever want to forget and I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. That’s what helped me decide to launch Aniky. My goal was and is to create products that help parents record, treasure and relive their most precious moments.

While I was pregnant with my gorgeous boy, North, I was taken aback with how magical pregnancy really was. Every little kick a reminder of a new, growing love. Growing stronger and stronger each day, every moment more precious than the last.

It was then I decided to use my graphic design skills and create a modern beautiful gender-neutral baby book. I planned it over the end of my pregnancy and first year of my son’s life. For this timely reason, I knew exactly what milestone, events and developmental details to include. It is designed to make a forever keepsake simple and effortless for busy parents of today.

Then, one day I looked at North and he was 18 months old. How could that be? Where had that time gone? My little baby had become a beautiful, little, adventurous boy who loved to run and climb. The most shocking part of this realisation was that I couldn’t remember how small he once was? I mean, could his head really have been smaller than my milk filled boob?

And so, Precious Little Print was born. I created an illustration of my beautiful boy at his actual birth size. It had a minimalistic style and would look fantastic in my home. I perfected the process and now offer it to all families.

It fills me with joy to think that I am helping families preserve their most treasured memories. I like to think of my pieces as keepsakes that will be cherished for many years to come.

Breeahn xox

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